D.C. School Board member R. Calvin Lockridge, his wife Mildred, and a parent with children in the city school system, yesterday sued The Washington Post, several of its editors and former reporter Janet Cooke for $8.8 million in damages for publishing the fictions story "Jimmy's World."

The story, written by Cooke, was about an 8-year-old herion addict and was published last September. Cooke admitted the story was a hoax in April after she had been awarded a Pulitzer prize for it.

In a suit filed yesterday in D.C. Superior Court, Lockridge said the story caused him "abuse, harrassment and public ridicule" and forced him and other school board members and staff workers to take substantial time to locate "Jimmy."

He asked for $1.1 million in damages. His wife, a school principal, asked for $600,000 in damages, as did the parent, James Archie Jr.

The Lockridges and Archie also asked for $6.5 million in damages for the District of Columbia, which they said, among other things, sustained a loss in its efforts to gain statehood as a result of the story.

City officials said they were not involved in the suit and a spokesman for The Post Declined to comment on it.