Major airlines that fly out of the three Washington-area airports reported yesterday that they are operating at more than 75 percent of their normal schedules with only minor delays.

Smaller airlines reported operations of almost 100 percent of their prestrike schedules, but some reported delays of up to four hours.

Following are capsule summaries of schedules and delays at National, Dulles International and Baltimore-Washington International airports as provided by the airlines. However, airlines advise that you call for specific flight information.

Air Florida: All 10 flights out of National Airport are departing without schedule changes. However, travelers can expect half-hour delays on most flights.

Allegheny Commuter Airlines: Ransome Airlines, the largest of the 11 Allegheny Commuter Airlines, is operating nine of its 20 scheduled flights to Philadelphia from National, with minimal delays expected. Service out of Dulles has been temporarily suspended.

American: Of its 24 normally scheduled flights from National, 14 departed yesterday. At BWI, it flew two of three scheduled flights. All six flights out of Dulles Airport are operating on schedule.

Braniff: It has halted one of its five flights to Dallas out of National. However, its two flights to Dallas and two to Miami out of Dulles are operating without changes. No delays have been reported.

Continental: All five flights out of Dulles are departing, with no delays reported.

Delta: Operating 10 of 16 flights out of National, with no delays reported. Nine of 12 flights are still departing BWI.

Eastern: Operating 45 of 61 flights out of National, and 16 of 18 out of BWI, with no outbound delays reported.

New York Air: Operating 30 of 48 regularly scheduled flights out of National, with 20-minute delays expected.

Northwest Orient: Operating 20 of 23 flights out of National, and all three out of Dulles. Delays of up to a half-hour can be expected.

Ozark: Its normal two flights from National to St. Louis continue with minimal delays reported. The two flights from BWI to Indianapolis and LaGuardia also remain unchanged.

Page: Certified private air carriers such as Page report they are experiencing no great delays.

Pan Am: Operating its normal 11 flights from National. No delays related to the strike were reported yesterday.

Peoples Express: Of the six prestrike flights from BWI, two to Newark have been cut. Delays of 15 minutes to an hour reported.

Piedmont: The normal 31 departures from National have been cut to 25. The five flights daily from BWI remain unchanged. Delays of less than 15 minutes reported, except at LaGuardia.

Republic: It has cut its three departures from Dulles to Atlanta to one. At National both scheduled departures to Minneapolis are flying, and the three departures from BWI remain unchanged.

Texas International: All eight nonstop flights from BWI are operating as usual. No delays reported.

TWA: Its service from National is cut from 18 to 11 flights. The two Dulles flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco remain unchanged. BWI service has been temporarily suspended. Average delays during the strike have been 20 minutes.

US Air: Operating 28 out of the normal 41 departures from National and 15 out of 24 at BWI. Only spot delays reported.

United: Operating 14 out of 21 departures from National, seven out of a normal 10 at BWI, and six out of a normal eight at Dulles. Its average system delay yesterday was reported to be less than 10 minutes.

World: Operating all three of its flights from BWI. A spokesman said delays of up to four hours can be expected.