French Ambassador Guy Georgy and 49 other French citizens left yesterday on an Iran Air flight for Paris after president Francois Mitterrand urged all French nationals to leave Iran.

The evacuees took the same route home as the first group of 57 French nationals, who flew to Paris Monday and arrived at Orly Airport last night.

The appeal to return followed strains in Franco-Iranian relations caused by the French decision last month to grant political asylum to the ousted Iranian president, Abol Hassan Bani-Sadr.

Most of the people in the second group -- 18 diplomatic staff and 32 others -- said they were sorry to leave and thought the situation was not serious enough to justify the French government's suggestion that they do so. Between 30 and 50 French citizens remain in Iran.

Meanwhile, six people were arrested in Tehran in a major reshuffle of the Iranian Air Force arising from Bani-Sadr's escape to France aboard an Iranian military jet.

The official Pars News Agency also said 15 opposition politicians were executed in seven cities around the country in the past 24 hours for various offenses.

Tehran Radio reported that Haj Bahaedin Araqi, a clergyman who was a candidate for Iran's parliament, was assassinated in front of his two children and his father Tuesday. The clergyman's bodyguard also was killed.