International flights from Dulles and Baltimore-Washington International airports appeared to be operating on regular schedules yesterday with only minor delays.

Several airlines had to cancel international flights earlier this week because of Canadian air traffic controllers' refusal to handle American aircraft over the Atlantic. But most airline officials said international service from area airports was back to normal yesterday and they expect to operate a regular schedule today.

Following are capsule summaries of schedules and delays as provided by airlines with direct international flights from Dulles and BWI. Airlines advise that passengers call them for specific flight information:

Air France: Concorde flights to Paris from Dulles continue every Wednesday and Saturday without delay. Yesterday's flight was on schedule as it has been throughout the strike.

Braniff: Operating its three South American flights from Dulles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on schedule without delays.

British Airways: The three-day-a-week Concorde flights from Dulles to London have had few delays. The daily 747 to London, which leaves Dulles at 9 p.m., had to be canceled twice this week and delays have been as great as eight or nine hours. Officials believe that problem is past, however.

Eastern: Operating the regular 11:25 a.m. daily flight from BWI to Hamilton, Bermuda, with few delays. The flight arrived in Bermuda 11 minutes late yesterday.

Northwest Orient: Operating the 9:35 a.m. daily Dulles to Tokyo flight on schedule without any delays.

Pan Am: The daily 747 from Dulles to London at 7:15 p.m. left two hours late yesterday, but officials say delays are generally sporadic.

Texas International: The six-day-a-week, 8:23 a.m. flight from BWI to Manzanillo, Puerto Vallarta, or Zihuatanejo, Mexico, has been operating on schedule with minimal delays.

TWA: Operating its daily 747 from Dulles to Paris at 6:25 p.m. with minimal delays.

World Airways: Operating its one daily flight from BWI to London and Frankfurt at 6:50 p.m., with delays ranging from half an hour to six hours.