IN THE preceding page today we begin a new feature, Free For All, whose purpose is to enlarge the space given over to dissent, complaint, argument and occasionally merely outrageous expression. It will appear on the page preceding this one every Saturday. Free For All constitutes one half of the two-pageju addition to the editorial/op-ed section of the paperju which we promised you in an editorial (which we know you all read carefully and took notes on) last Sunday. The other half of our commitment--an added page of commentary, roughly split between national- international and local topics and featuring in the local part the views of combatants in the many skirmishes going forward in our region--will appear in the Sunday paper every week. It will be the last page of the Outlook section, coming after op-ed. p

Consulting your notes on that editorial of last Sunday in which we rashly made our commitment, you observe that we said at the time that our two new pages would both appear weekly in the Sunday Outlook section. Before you consult your lawyer--we know our litigious readership--or sit down to pen a letter to the editor calling this discrepancy to our attention, let us explain what happened. It is this: we changed our mind. The reasons have to do with makeup, production, timing and our own intuition about exactly how much added material you have time or a taste for each day. We think it works better this way and, as usual, invite your judgment.