The problems seem never-ending for Three Mile Island, the General Public Utilities Corp.'s nuclear power plant near Harrisburg, Pa. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, acting on a tip, discovered that two TMI employes cheated while taking examinations to certify them as reactor operators. As a result, Harold R. Denton, director of the NRC's Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation and television star of the TMI accident in March, 1979, wrote GPU that all 34 of its reactor operators would have to be retested, even though the NRC had not found "any substantiated evidence of other cheating." Retesting is necessary, Denton said, "because there was an implication that inadequate training and qualification played a significant role in the accident" at TMI.

GPU President Herman Dieckamp has asked the NRC to reconsider. "We feel the decision is unfair and discriminatory," said John Fidler, a spokesman for the corporation's nuclear group. "There was no involvement of other operators." GPU is seeking final NRC approval to fire up TMI Unit No. 1, which was down for refueling at the time of the accident at Unit No. 2 and has been closed since. The reactor operators to be retested would be employed at Unit No. 1.