In recent reports to the Office of Management and Budget, where the government-wide waste and fraud program is being monitored, Magee's office has detailed these investigations and results:

In Brooklyn, 11 persons were indicted by a federal grand jury after a joint investigation by the IGs and postal inspectors uncovered a food stamp trafficking racket estimated to have involved $2 million. "Authorization to Participate" cards were stolen from the mails, forged with endorsements and cashed for food stamps in check-cashing outlets owned by the conspirators, investigators charged. Of the 11 indicted, eight were members of the Gallina family, associated with organized crime, according to the report.

Three food stamp caseworkers in Cook County (Chicago), Ill., were indicted after IG auditors found questionable issuing practices. The caseworkers, according to investigators, acquired emergency food stamp Authorization to Participate cards by falsifying documents in the names of actual recipients, stealing blank cards, and converting them into about $150,000 worth of stamps.

A federal jury in Kansas City convicted an attorney linked to organized crime on 10 counts of felony food stamp trafficking. The charges came after an investigation by the IG's office in concert with the Kansas City Police Department.