The latest attempt by the "scientific" community to explain or justify homosexuality is interesting, but there is one postscript I would like to add.

There is a big difference between "orientation" and practice. I am "oriented," as a heterosexual, to the opposite sex. But I also am aware that I must control that heterosexual orientation. That is why I am exclusively oriented in practice to my wife. It is also why I do not rape women, participate in orgies, or am not in other ways promiscuous.

I believe that the homosexual can be "oriented," whether because of biology or some other reason, to members of the same sex. But we never hear of the value of self-control and even re-orientation into a normal pattern for homosexuals.

People are often born with mental or physical maladies, but while we should have compassion for the malformed, we do not hold them up as the ideal. Persons who are oriented toward members of the same sex are not the ideal and can be re-oriented to normalcy. I personally know homosexuals who have forsaken that life style for heterosexuality. Therefore, they do not qualify as a minority group and should not be so treated by public law. No legitimate minority can change his or her status. No blacks, for example, have ever come out of blackness.