Afghan troops crossed into Pakistan with armored vehicles yesterday to search a village that was strafed and bombed during the weekend by two Mig17 jet fighters, Radio Pakistan said.

It was the first reported incursion into Pakistan by forces of the Soviet-installed Afghan regime.

The official radio said 40 Afghan soldiers entered Shahba Killi village, in Pakistan's Baluchistan Province, and made house-to-house searches until Pakistani frontier guards called in by the villagers arrived.

As soon as the Pakistani troops approached the village, the Afghan troops retreated with their two armored personnel carriers and two heavy trucks, taking some of the villagers' weapons with them, the radio said.

Meanwhile, in New Delhi, Afghan Foreign Minister Shah Mohammed Dost told Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that Afghanistan is flexible on procedural matters in finding a political solution to the Afghan issue, an Indian government spokesman said.

Dost handed Gandhi a message from Afghan President Babrak Karmal, and briefed her on Afghanistan's proposal for three-way talks with Pakistan and Iran.

Also, a Radio Kabul broadcast monitored in New Delhi reported that the Afghan government will call up all former Afghan Army lieutenants and enlisted men who completed their compulsory national service before 1979.