Once again, the gay community has become a victim of a Post reporter who misreads and misquotes. The Masters and Johnson study published in 1979 does not say that two out of every three homosexuals can be converted to heterosexuality. It does say that one out of every three who were dissatisfied with their sexual orientation and who wanted to change failed to convert or revert to heterosexuality following "treatment." Apart from the fact that the study does not tell us how many heterosexuals are dissatisfied with their sexual orientation, it fails to point out that the overwhelming majority of homosexuals are quite happy to remain just the way God made them: GAY!

The Masters and Johnson study shares a fatal flaw with many other clinically oriented studies. The individuals who are selected for these "treatments" are invariably unrepresentative of the populations over which their finds are cavalierly, and quite irresponsibly, generalized. The Kinsey Institute deserves credit for bringing us closer to the truth. But biology is no stop to the so-called "moral majority." The bigoted always remain unimpressed. That is why the civil rights of lesbians and gay males cannot depend upon the findings of any study. The Constitution has already guaranteed them.