Iranian firing squads killed 149 leftists in one of the largest series of mass executions in three months aimed at wiping out opposition to the Islamic government, Tehran radio said yesterday.

The radio, monitored in Beirut, said 108 members of the Mujaheddin-e-Khalq guerrilla movement were executed at Tehran's Evin Prison after being convicted of counterrevolutionary crimes. Another 41 rebels were executed in other parts of the country.

Some of those killed also were convicted of assassinating public figures, but the radio did not say if any had been charged with the bomb blast last month that killed the president, Mohammed Ali Rajai, and the prime minister, Mohammed Javad Bahonar.

Late last week, Iran's chief justice announced that suspected government dissidents would be executed immediately after their arrests and summary trials requiring the testimony of only two witnesses.

In one enactment of the order, two persons caught carrying molotov cocktails in Tehran were arrested and taken to Evin Prison. "The death sentence was passed on them and they were executed," the radio said.

In another development, a scheduled session of Iran's national assembly, the Majlis, was postponed because of the "unauthorized absence" of 38 of its members, the official Pars News Agency said.