he Soviet Union today criticized Polish Communist leaders for not doing enough to curb "antisocialist" activities in the country and asserted that communist activists throughout Poland are "demanding that party and government authorities should not back down one more step before counterrevolutionary pressures."

The criticism by the news agency Tass and Communist Party newspaper Pravda charged that counterrevolutionary forces "have become impudent without encountering a rebuff from the authorities."

Neither party leader Stanislaw Kania nor Premier Wojciech Jaruzelski was mentioned by name. However, Tass quoted with approval a member of the Polish Politburo, Stefan Olszowski, who said the authorities would use "any means that may be demanded" to defend socialism in Poland.

This position, Olszowski was quoted as saying, is supported "by a vast majority of the population." The most important thing at the moment, he added, was to ban all "adventurist" activities.

Tass pointedly ommitted any references to Olszowski's statement yesterday that the Soviet Union may cut off vital economic assistance to Poland unless there was an end to anti-Soviet agitation in the country. It has not been reported here that Deputy Premier Nikolai Baibakov, who is head of the state planning commission, is currently visiting Warsaw.