he International Atomic Energy Agency today voted to cut off all technical and economic aid to Israel's nuclear energy program because of the Israeli Air Force's attack last June on an Iraqi nuclear reactor near Baghdad.

Meeting in Vienna, the agency voted 51-8, with 27 abstentions, to condemn Israel for the bombing raid, but postponed until next year a resolution to expel Israel from the agency. The United States and several South American countries voted against the resolution.

Responding to today's resolution, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said the IAEA had acted in an "arbitrary and discriminatory" fashion.

A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry said the Atomic Energy Agency had "regretfully joined other United Nations agencies whose efficiency has become greatly impaired by becoming involved in political dealings."

The Foreign Ministry statement said that the agency had taken no action against Pakistan, which has been developing nuclear capacity openly, nor against India, which has already detonated nuclear devices.

Today's resolution called for next year's regular session to suspend Israel unless it agrees to place its nuclear program under international supervision.

The resolution adopted today was drafted by Algeria, Saudia Arabia and several Persian Gulf states as an alternative to a resolution presented by Yugoslavia and Iraq, which demanded an immediate suspension of Israel.

Two-thirds of the 111 member countries must vote to suspend a member state.