Provincial premiers opposed to Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's constitutional plans rejected his proposal for a meeting next week to discuss their differences.

Premier Bill Bennett of British Columbia, the spokesman for the eight premiers opposing Trudeau, said the proposed meeting Tuesday, the day before Parliament reconvenes, is neither necessary nor possible to arrange at this time. Trudeau is to meet Monday in Vancouver with Bennett en route home from the Commonwealth conference in Australia. Bennett said he would try to arrange alternate dates for a meeting. Anti-Marcos Riot in Manila -

MANILA -- Police firing guns and swinging truncheons fought rock-throwing students denouncing the "U.S.-Marcos dictatorship." Scores were injured, including four policemen and Manila Police Superintendent Alfredo Yson.

At least five student leaders were arrested in the 30-minute battle at a public square in front of the downtown post office. It followed a three-hour demonstration by about 1,500 people after their demands for a meeting with officials in the government of President Ferdinand Marcos were ignored.

It was the most violent rioting in Manila since police broke up a demonstration in 1976 against the holding of the World Bank-International Monetary Fund conference. Two laborers were killed in that rioting.