Iran's fundamentalist leaders launched a campaign yesterday to purge moderate members of parliament led by former prime minister Mehdi Bazargan, who strongly attacked the government Wednesday for its crackdown on leftists.

Tehran radio, monitored here, said that 26 members of the militant Mujaheddin-e-Khalq organization were executed in Isfahan as a deputy in the Majlis called for the "murder" of opponents of the Islamic regime. The newspaper Kayhan said 25 other leftists were put to death in different parts of the country.

Bazargan had caused uproar in the chamber when he warned that the country's revolutionary courts and the judicial system would turn Iran "into an ocean of blood" by swift trials and executions of dissidents.

The uproar at the clergy-controlled parliament coincided with reports of street fighting in Tehran, Amol, Ghazvin, Baneh and Boukan involving Mujaheddin guerrillas and Kurdish rebels.

In another development, Revolutionary Guards Commander Mohsen Rezae was quoted by Tehran newspapers as saying Iranian investigators were trying to establish whether U.S.-controlled Airborne Warning and Control Systems planes (AWACS) jammed the control or communications systems of a Iranian C130 transport that crashed Sept. 29 on approach to Tehran, killing four top military commanders.