Although 17 federal agencies share responsibility for mapping various parts of the United States, there is little overlap in what they produce. Here's a summary of the agencies that map various parts of the land and water and make specialized materials available to the public (the Defense Department, which does a tremendous amount of domestic surveying and mapmaking, does not make its materials available to the public.):

* Bureau of Indian Affairs: Indian reservations.

* Bureau of the Census: census tracts, congressional districts, population distribution, standard metropolitan statistical areas.

* Bureau of Land Management: public land areas of all states.

* Corps of Engineers: river charts.

* Defense Mapping Agency: world, Arctic and Antarctica, aeronautical charts and time zones of the world.

* Federal Communications Commission: ground conductivity.

* Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: electric transmission and generation facilities, natural gas pipelines.

* Federal Railroad Administration: transportation.

* Forest Service: national forests.

* International Boundary Commission: U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico boundaries.

* Library of Congress: treasury maps and charts (bibliography).

* National Archives: township plats (only for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Ohio).

* National Ocean Survey: Nautical charts of U.S. waters and the Great Lakes, hydrographic maps of the outer continential shelf, selected Civil War maps and storm evacuation maps.

* National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: climatic.

* National Weather Service: weather.

* Soil Conservation Service: soil surveys.

* U.S. Geological Survey: basic topographic maps, hydrologic, geologic, coal investigation, historical, out-of-print, land use, land cover, mineral investigation, resource, moon, planetary, National Parks, oil and gas investigation, Arctic and Antarctic, space imagery, state, state geologic.

For information on finding a specific map, chart, aerial photograph or space imagery, contact the U.S. Geological Survey's National Cartographic Information Center, 507 National Center, Reston, Va., 22092 or call 860-6045.