Republican National Chairman Richard Richards gave the senior White House staff a detailed briefing yesterday on party plans for the 1982 election and came away with a vote of confidence for his continued stewardship of the committee.

White House chief of staff James A. Baker III said after the meeting that he wanted to set to rest "rumors to the effect that there's dissatisfaction" with Richards. "Nothing is further from the truth," he said. "He's there in the job and he's going to be there for the long haul."

Richards said he had met with Baker and the other two aides to President Reagan, Edwin Meese III and Michael K. Deaver, Reagan pollster and political adviser Richard B. Wirthlin, Lyn Nofziger, the head of the White House political office, and Nofziger's deputy, Edward Rollins.

"The purpose was to show them what we were doing and our plans for 1982," Richards said. "They were all very pleased with the direction we're going and they indicated their unequivocal support. So we will charge ahead."

Baker said he had received no word Monday from Stuart K. Spencer, the California political consultant and longtime Reagan campaign strategist, who has been offered the post Nofziger is leaving to return to his own consulting business. Spencer is weighing the financial costs of giving up his private business, but White House officials are reportedly hopeful that he will become at least a part-time consultant on the 1982 campaign.