knew it was only a matter of time and liniment until we won one--and so it was in the City of Wind on Sunday. Thanks in no small way to a bunch of untrained Bears who went into mid-field hibernation, Washington's hapless warriors won the first in a series of victories. And who will quarrel with an 11-5 record this year?

We've heard about "game plans," but how many armchair quarterbacks had this one figured out? By concentrating on the sixth game instead of the first five, Coach Joe Gibbs has succeeded in throwing off the planning of every opposing coach for the remainder of the season. In addition, in one fell swoop, the Redskins have jumped from worst team in the league in wins and losses to one of the six worst--with five others not much loftier at two wins and four losses. Clearly we're witnessing the birth of a dynasty. Nit-pickers will no doubt point to the fact it was Washington's defensive team that accounted for the victory. But it should go without saying that any team with five straight losses would be defensive-- and that had come through in too many interviews with players before this game. True, all those injuries did hurt, but as Joe Theismann is finding out, a bruised ego draws few tears from the fans who pay handsomely for season tickets.

So maybe it wasn't the prettiest game you've ever seen, but the road to the Super Bowl is paved with ruts, and the Redskins are out of a big one. Above all, as the outsized Dave Butz observed to columnist Ken Denlinger, the game was--and here's the key switch--fun. More fun, in fact, than many 'Skins fans have had in a month of Sundays.