If you are a China watcher, here's another meeting that may be worthwhile, because you'll have a chance to hear about a major stumble in the new Peking government's attempt to take a great leap forward with the industrial West.

The session will be a presentation before the Commerce Department's Advisory Committee on East-West Trade, according to a notice in the Oct. 5 Federal Register (page 48960).

It seems that over the last six months, the Chinese have been canceling billions of dollars in contracts that were signed in the wake of Peking's 1978 decision to move forward as quickly as possible in building heavy industry in partnership with companies in Japan and other noncommunist countries.

The biggest was a giant, multibillion-dollar, steel complex called Baoshan, which was to be built by Japanese interests with some American help.

The slowdown in heavy industry production has come about, Commerce officials said, because the adventurous Chinese discovered they needed to build energy and transportation networks first.

This will all be laid out at the public session of the meeting, at 9:30 a.m. Oct. 20, in Conference Room B, Departmental Auditorium, Constitution Avenue between 12th and 14th streets NW.