It's no secret that high-ranking administration officials are always reported to have resigned rather than having been fired, but not many who leave office get to write their own news releases, complete with quotes from their bosses and a few well-chosen words of their own.

One who did was Robert M. Garrick, a public relations man and longtime friend of presidential counselor Edwin Meese III. Garrick authored the unusually long announcement of his departure from the full-time job of deputy counselor to the president, according to White House sources.

Garrick's news release announced that he would assume the part-time duties of a member of the quasi-public Communications Satellite Corp. board, upon Senate confirmation.

The news release quoted Meese as saying that he understands "Bob's need to return to his profession" as senior vice president of Doremus & Co., a public relations firm.

For his part, Garrick quoted himself as saying: "It has been a most rewarding experience, and I am honored to have played a role in assisting in the election of a president who is honestly giving this great country a new beginning."

Garrick omitted his date of birth from the news release, but did note that as a member of the Naval Reserve from 1948 to 1980 he rose to be its first public affairs flag officer when he was promoted to rear admiral in 1973.