You Can Take the Boy Off the Campaign Trail, But . . . George Wallace may be confined to a wheel chair and he may not even know what an E. F. Hutton is, but when he talks politics in Alabama everyone listens. Right now he's talking about running for governor again and the politicos say he could win a fourth term. Recognizing the reality of their increased registration, Wallace has been addressing black audiences, saying that he was wrong on the race issue in the 1960s.

Current polls have Wallace the choice of 43 percent of the respondents in a multi-candidate field and a recent birthday party turned into a political rally of several hundred friends and supporters. The decision of Wallace's former press secretary, Billy Joe Camp, to run for lieutenant governor instead of governor fueled speculation that Camp planned to run on the ticket with his former boss.

Some Alabama political observers, however, are skeptical. They think Camp's decision was based more on his evaluation of the other possible gubernatorial candidates: Lt. Gov. George McMillan, House Speaker Joe McCorquedale and former attorney general Bill Baxley.

"George just doesn't have the strength to campaign full time," a party official says. "It makes him feel better to talk about it, it keeps him going, but privately I doubt he'll do it. Besides, he's got a new wife he's devoting a lot of time to.''