The Reagan administration has been waging an unfair campaign against President Muammar Qaddafi and Libya. Qaddafi has been accused of being a supporter of terrorism and a man who plans to attack Egypt and invade the Sudan.

I have met with President Qaddafi and know the man. He is young, intelligent and devoted to the spirit of Islam, to Arab nationalism, to the welfare and well-being of his people and to freedom and political independence for all people. Qaddafi is a strong admirer of the revolutionary doctrine of Thomas Jefferson and the American Declaration of Independ- ence. I know this for a fact.

Under Qaddafi, the Libyan people are better fed, better housed; they are in better health, and are proud as Arabs, as Moslems and as members of the international community.

The administration is attacking Qaddafi and accusing him of being a promoter of terrorism in order to provide military aid to Egypt, the Sudan and Israel. He is being used as a scapegoat to send U.S. arms into the Middle East. The Libyan leader has denounced terrorism and as a Moslem is opposed to communism.

In the name of the Arab people, we urge the people of America to oppose American military aid to the Arabs (which is about $5 million a day) and to Israel (which is about $15 million a day). That will help the cause of peace in the Middle East by far more than the denunciation of Qaddafi.