U.S. District Court Judge John V. Parker rejected a plea yesterday by convicted murderer Colin Clark's mother that her son be spared the electric chair Thursday.

American Civil Liberties Union lawyers said they would appeal the ruling to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

Parker ruled on a motion filed by the ACLU on behalf of Clark's mother, Jean Beavans of Cairo, Ga. The motion argued that Clark was suicidal and was not competent to reject appeals of his death sentence.

"This court has been presented with no significant evidence that Clark is not presently in control of his mental faculties and competent to make his own decisions," Parker wrote in a seven-page ruling.

Clark, 27, asked for death from the jury that convicted him of killing a restaurant manager. But he later changed his mind and won a reprieve only hours before he was to die April 7. He reversed himself again last summer and fired his lawyer.

At a hearing earlier in the day, Clark told the judge: "You don't realize what's in my head. I'm ready. To keep going through this is tearing me up. It's tearing up my family. I'm down to my last days -- no more court delays."