Here is a partial list of the publications reported terminated in fiscal 1981. The list includes OMB's estimate, when available, of how much the agencies saved by eliminating publications and reducing publishing and film-making costs.

AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT ($900,000): Food Guide for Older Folks; Breads in the Family Meal (also cakes and pies, cheese, beef and veal); Food Cost Savings Plan; Food for Fitness; Making Cottage Cheese; How Fresh Tomatoes Are Marketed; Story of Cotton; Is the Water Safe?; How to Buy Fruits (also fresh fruits, fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned and frozen fruits, canned and frozen vegetables, lamb); Sources of Milk for Federal Order Markets by State and County; Wild Mushrooms; A Vote for Farmers of Your Choice; World Economic Conditions in Relation to Economic Trade in Agriculture; Agriculture in the Third Century; Agricultural Conservation Program Annual Report; Agriculture Charts; Farm Labor Data Series; USDA Grading Standards For Wheat; Protein Technical; Marketing Honey and Beeswax; Marketing Iceberg Lettuce; State Guides for Assessing Forest Land and Timber.

COMMERCE DEPARTMENT ($1 million): Commerce Department Library Bulletin.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: NOAA News; EDIS (Environmental Data and Information Service) Magazine; Climatological Data National Summary; Storm Data; River Forecast Summary; WDC (World Data Center) Report; World Data; ERL (Environmental Research Laboratories) Collected Reprints.

Patent and Trademark Office: PatenTalk.

Census Bureau: Statistical reports on canned food, green coffee and department stores' sales.

Maritime Administration: MariTimes.

National Bureau of Standards: PMTE (precision measurement) Update; NBS Publications List.

CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION (less than $20,000): Hazard analysis series (bunk beds, television sets, carbonated soft drink bottles, playground equipment, pressurized containers, cribs, space heaters); The Nine Lives of El Gato (the cat).

DEFENSE DEPARTMENT ($2.3 million): Aviation Safety Bulletin of the U.S. Army; Campus; Direction; Combat Crew and Air Force Reservist; Naval Military Personnel Command; Family Action newsletter; Naval Supply Corps newsletter.

EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ($100,000): Inspector General's Office newsletter; Summary of Federal Publications Concerning the Handicapped; National Institute of Education newsletter; A Practical Guide for Quality Control Technicians; Quality Control newsletter; Evaluation Designs for Career Education Programs.

ENERGY DEPARTMENT ($1.3 million): Energy Consumer; Emergency Building Temperature Restrictions; Making Energy Regulations--How the Public Gets Involved; Try Solar; Conserving Energy; Winter Survival--What to Do if the Heat or Power Goes Off on a Freezing Winter Night; Put the Sun to Work Today; Organize Now for Energy; Electric Power Monthly; International Energy Annual; For Local Governments the Future Is Now in Electric Vehicles; Consumer Energy Atlas; Energy Excerpts (DOE speeches); Energy Planner; Fusion Energy; How to Understand Your Utility Bill; International Petroleum Annual; Passive Solar Heating; Solar-Powered Irrigation Pump; Saving Money With Energy Conservation (energy audit workbooks for apartment buildings, bakeries, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, light industry, office buildings, warehouses); Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion; Solar Electricity From Thermal Conversion.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY: No publications were terminated in fiscal 1981, according to a spokesman. OMB says the agency saved $2.4 million by doing no printing after April.

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION: EEOC Annual Report; Handicapped Individuals' Employment; Age Discrimination.

FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION: Protection for the Elderly; Mail-Order Insurance; Unordered Merchandise; Risks in Raising Chinchillas; Franchise Business Risks; Freezer Meat Bargains; Look for That Label; Fair Credit Reporting Act; Don't Be Gypped; Care Labels; Sold-Out Supermarket Specials; A Money-Saving Offer--Truth-in-Lending Takes the Wraps off Credit; Vocational Schools; Which Job Training Will You Choose; Three Days to Cancel; Selecting a Vocational School; Fight Back--Don't Let the Gyp Artists Get Away With It; Guard Against Phony Ads; How to Use Truth-in-Lending; List of Common Deceptions; Teacher's Kit (on consumer protection); Availability of Advertised Items at Advertised Prices; Care Labeling Rule; Conserving Energy and Consumer Dollars; Do You Speak "Credit"? (cartoon/calendar).

GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION ($200,000): GSA Journal; employe newsletters in all 11 regional offices.


Social Security Administration: A Guide to Social Security; Using Private Employment Agencies to Place Welfare Recipients in Jobs; The Privacy Act and Your Request for a Social Security Number; Social Security Survivor Benefits; Disability Benefits and Blind People; Disabled?--Find Out About Social Security and Disability Benefits; Social Security for People Disabled Before 22; Social Security Information for Young Families; Do You Know When You Should Contact Social Security?; Check Your Social Security Record; Doing Business With Social Security--Use Teleservice; Women and Social Security; Basic Facts About Medicare; Payment Under Medicare Medical Insurance; How Medicare Helps During a Hospital Stay; Supplemental Security Income for Disabled and Blind Children; SSI for Retarded People; How SSI Can Help; Assets of Food Stamp Participants; Emergency Assistance and Special Needs Programs in Public Welfare; Four Decades of International Social Security Research; Employers Paying the Employe Portion of Social Security Taxes; Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind and Disabled; Medicare Coverage in a Skilled Nursing Facility; Home Health Care Under Medicare; Medicare for People With Permanent Kidney Failure.

Public Health Service: Basic Concepts of Environmental Health; TB Control; Fluoridation--Community Must Help Get Adopted; Special Hazard Alert on Chlorinated Benzene; National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Schedule of Classes; Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals; Bureau of Health Facilities Annual Report; The Consumer and Health Planning; Bureau of Health Planning Annual Report; Directory for Consumer Health Education Sources; Phasing Out Federal Participation in Health Planning; World Health Organization Report; Biological and Genetic Factors in Alcoholism; Adolescent Drinking Patterns; National Institute of Health Visitors Guide; Smoking and Health; Guidelines for Health Promotion; Nutrition '80; Family Safety Digest; Alcohol Q&A; Exercise and Your Heart; Understanding Stress; Guidelines for Community Health; Promoting Health; Cerebral Palsy--Hope Through Research; Epilepsy--Hope Through Reserarch; What are the Facts About Genetic Diseases?; Nutrition and Pregnancy; Facts about Snacks; Cancer and the Environment.

Human Development Service: Wise Drug Use and the Elderly; Energy Fact Sheet--Saving Energy in the Home; Children and Youth Accident Prevention; Long-Term Care; Immunization of Youth; Helping Youth and Families of Separation, Divorce and Remarriage; Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Youth Programs; National Toll-Free Communications; State Data Book on Older Persons; Nutrition Services Available to Older Indians; Education and Training Programs of the Administration on Aging; Sources of Grants and Loans for Fuel and Winterization; Technology and the Aging Network; Older Americans--The Arts and the Humanities; Employment in Human Development Service Programs; Citizen Participation in Social Service Programs; Impact Funds--Self-Sufficiency; Model Child Protection Act; Record Retention in Central Registers; Adoption Exchange Handbook; Foster Family Care Standards; Child Welfare Training Materials; Home-Based Services--The View From the Health Care Field; Head Start Fact Book; Handbook for Health Coordinators; Prenatal Care (Spanish edition); Findings from Evaluation of Youth Demonstrations; Youth Employment; Youth as Community Resources; Runaway Youth Switchboard (poster and brochure); Bibliography of Youth Employment; Operations Manual for Youth Employment; Analysis and Update of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act; The Status of Children--1981; Head Start Program Performance Standards; Diectory of Head Start Programs; National Analysis of Child Neglect and Reporting.

Health Care Financing Administration: Myths about Medicare/Medicaid.

HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT ($700,000): HUD Trends; 112 internal handbooks; Land Use and Marketability Studies for Urban Renewal Projects; HUD Policy on Noise Abatement and Control; Community Development Block Grant Monitoring Handbook; Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for HUD Employes.

INTERIOR DEPARTMENT ($1.1 million): Departmental Yearbook.

National Park Service: Campgrounds in . . .(various states); Recreation Sites in . . . (various states); All About Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service; Abraham Lincoln Home; Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Site; White Sands National Park; Everglades National Park--National Environmental Study Area; Living History at Natchez Trace Parkway.

Bureau of Mines: Mineral Trade Notes; Minerals in the Economy of . . . (each state).

Bureau of Indian Affairs: BIA Profile--The Bureau of Indian Affairs and American Indians.

Bureau of Reclamation: Garrison Project (brochure and fact sheet).

Fish & Wildlife Service: Plymouth Red-bellied Turtle; Bird-Banding; Agassiz (Minn.) National Wildlife Refuge; Mammals of the Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge; Minneapolis Regional Program; Birds of the Horicon (Wis.) National Wildlife Refuge; Birds of the Ottawa Ohio National Wildlife Refuge; Ottawa Wildlife Refuge Foot Trails; Real Foot Lakes (Ky.) National Wildlife Refuge; Kenai (Alaska) Moose Range; Kodiak (Alaska) National Wildlife Range; Nunivak (Alaska) National Wildlife Range; Steel-Shot (poster); Becharof (Alaska) National Wildlife Monument; Upper Ouachita (Okla.) National Wildlife Refuge; Alaska Update;; Birds of the Big Stone (Minn.) National Wildlife Refuge; Necedah (Wis.) National Wildlife Refuge (calendar); Recreation Cabins of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

JUSTICE DEPARTMENT ($300,000): No publications killed.

LABOR DEPARTMENT ($800,000): Focus on the Future (Employment Issues of Asian/Pacific American Women); Displaced Homemaker Program; Women in Non-Traditional Jobs.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration: Office Safety; Secretary's Report on Occupational Safety and Health in the Federal Agencies; Writing Effective Industrial Hygiene Reports.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: State, County, Municipal Collective Bargaining Agreements; Escalation of the Producer Price Index; Special Labor Force Reports.

Mine Safety and Health Administration: New Coal Mine Dust Standards for the United States; Industry Workshop; Inspection and Investigation Manual for Metal and Non-Metal Mines; Underground Coal Haulage and Transportation Program Instruction Manual; Use of Aircraft Imagery in Evaluating Ground Stability at Open Pit Uranium Mines in Gas Hills, Wyo.; Compaction Characteristics of Coal Refuse; Suppression of Dust in Mining, Milling and Tunneling; Respirable Dust Control on Long Wall Mining Operations in the United States; Laboratory and Field Evaluation of Instantaneous Reading Dust Instruments; Quality Assurance Program for Field Health Activities; Natural Drift--Its Measure and Modeling in Underground Mine Ventilation Systems; Selected Injury Experience and Worktime for the Mining Industry in the U.S. 1931-77; Coal Mine Injury Experince and Work Time by Occupation, 1976-78; Tethered Balloon Gas Sampling.

Employment and Training Administration: Career Opportunities in the Petroleum Industry; Career Opportunities in the Hotel-Restaurant Industry; After the Job Corps; Private Sector Initiative Program Spotlight; PSIP Photo Book; ETA Interchange newsletter; Index to ETA Publications; Dateline CETA; Manual for the U.S. Employment Service; Fiscal 1982 State Agency Programs and Budget Guidelines; Employment Service Program newsletter; Job Corps in Brief; National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee newsletter; Comparison of State Unemployment Insurance Laws.

Employment Standards Administration: ESA Digest; What's News.

Labor Management Services Administration: Instructive Guide for Reporting Under the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act.


OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT ($200,000): The First Line; Spotlight (affirmative action programs); LaMesa Redonda (Hispanic employment programs); Women in Action.

SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ($400,000): Can You Afford Delivery Service?; Public Relations for Small Business; Quality Control in Defense Production; Photo Dealers and Studios; Manufacturers Sales Representatives; Strengthening Small Business Management; Small Business Goes to College; Personnel Management Guides for Small Business; Selecting Advertising Media; Management Assistance; Management Counseling Guide; Selling to the U.S. Government; Small Business and the Energy Challenge; Women and the U.S. Small Business Administration; Insight; Data Processing.

STATE DEPARTMENT ($100,000): Homes of the Department of State; Geographic Reports; Geographic Bulletins; Secretaries of State; Foreign Policy and the Department of State.

TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT ($1.2 million): Introduction to the Office of Inspector General; Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program; Transportation Fact Book; Impact of Demographic Trends on Future Travel in Metro Areas; Transportation Mode Choice in Rural Areas; Providing Transportation for Rural Americans; Transportation Profile of the '80s; Transportation Research Journal; Transportation Energy Activities of the Department of Transportation; Energy Primer (on transportation); Paratransit Resource Guide; Transportation and the Future; Transition Planning for Accessible Mass Transit Under Section 504 Regulations; Coordinating Transportation Services for the Elderly and Handicapped; Transportation and the Elderly and Handicapped--A Literature Capsule; Traffic in the Centers of Large Cities; Transportation Design Awards Examples; Transportation and Land Development; Impact of Transportation on Business Location; Transportation Productivity; Changes in Location, Behavior and Travel; Urban Transportation Demand Elasticities; Federal Urban Transit Investments; Integrating Urban Transportation; Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Age in DOT Programs; Information Package On Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act Of 1973; Aesthetics in Transportation; Proposed Policy Initiatives for Small Community and Rural Transportation; Trends in Federal Transportation Financial Activity; Trends in Federal Domestic Transportation Projects, Revenue and Expenses; Trends in Federal Transportation Financial Activity (fiscal 1970-79); Interstate Substitutions--Handbook for Mayors; Transportation Aspects of the President's Economic Program; Effects of Federal Transportation Funding Policies and Structures; Financing Public Urban Transportation; Problems of Truck Owner-Operators; Cargo Security Handbook; Physical Security of Cargo; Truck Top Markings for Visual Identifications; Study of Trucking Service in Small Communities; Effect of MCA (Motor Carrier Act) On ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) Motor Carrier Entry Policy; Motor Carrier Insurance Study; Examples of Discrimination Under Collective Motor Carrier Ratemaking; Truck and Rail Reform Impact; Truck Size and Weight Study; Truck Size and Weight Limitations; Consumer Problems With Auto Repair; Common Sense in Buying a New Car; U.S. Auto Industry; Taxicabs as Public Transit; Use of School Buses for Public Transportation; Intercity Bus Operations; Intercity Bus, Rail and Air Systems in Rural Areas; Maritime Cargo Loss Prevention Handbook; Inland Waterway User Charge Study; Community Bicycle Program Guidance and Technical Assistance; Bicycle Forum.

Urban Mass Transportation Administration: Civil Rights.

Federal Railroad Administration: FRA newsletter; FRA Research Reporter; Rail System Investment Analysis (10 volumes).

Federal Aviation Administration: Airport Consolidation; The Control Tower; Pilots' Weather--How Is It Forecast; You and Your Radio; You and Your Transponder; A Glossary of Aeronautical Central Terms; Destiny Altitude; Radar Sees the Weather; Congratulations--You Just Passed Your (Pilots') Physical; Tips on How to Use the Flight Planner; Aviation Safety Bulletin No. 1; Flight Watch.

Federal Highway Administration: Your Guide to Programs of the Federal Highway Administration; Arterial Strategies; Safety Hazard Advance Warning System; Tests of Experimental No-Passing Zones; Speed Control on High-Speed Roadways; Estimating Safety Benefits for Alternative Improvements; Excessive Sign Usage; TRAFLO (traffic flow reports); Performance Data for Highway Bridge Coatings; Maintenance for Highway Structural Steel; Public Roads; Highways and Wetlands; America on the Move; Federal-Aid Highway Program; 1970-2000 Travel; Urban Transportation Indicators; Arterial Speed Profiles and Fuel Consumption; Computer Mapping Techniques; Changes to Joint Planning Regulations; Ozone Analysis; Air Quality Planning in Small Areas; Rural and Small Urban Public Transportation; Rural Public Transportation Conference; Nonurbanized Public Transportation; Rural Transportation Technology Study; Rural Driver Training Manual; Rural Transportation (three newsletters); Parking Management Booklet for State/Local Areas; Parking Workshop; Photographic Technique for Determining Auto Occupancy; Auto Use Management; Rock Slope Engineering; Construction and Rehabilitation of Pavement; High-Occupancy Vehicle Design and Enforcement; Traffic Signal; Barrier Design; Roadway Lighting; Safety Courses; Federal Highway Safety Program Effectiveness; Highway Safety Performance; Protecting the Environment in the Federal-Aid Highway Program; Environmental Assessment Process; Environmental Action Plan Report Series.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Common Sense in Buying a New Car; Common Sense in Buying a Safe Used Car; So You Really Want to Do Something About the Drunk Driver?; Alcohol Crash Story; Communications Strategies on Alcohol and Safety; Studded Tires; Car Care Safety; Passenger Car Brakes; Vehicle Exhaust Systems; Use of Headlights; Engine Stalling; Automotive Rust; Automobile Jacks; Teaching the Safety Belt Message; Getting the Safety Belt Message Across; Auto Safety Belt Fact Book; 65 mph vs. 55 mph--Who Is Right?; 17 Tricks to Save Fuel and Save Dollars; Safe Winter Driving; Loan a Seat; Auto Safety Hotline; Battery Hazard; Moped Safety.

TREASURY DEPARTMENT ($600,000): No publications were terminated.

VETERANS' ADMINISTRATION ($100,000): VA Careers for . . . (voluntary service workers, social workers, pharmacists, librarians, rehabilitation therapists, medical technicians, administrative staff).