Text of the Nov. 5 memorandum from John Hughes regarding Project Truth:

Project Truth is the name we have given to a campaign authorized by the president following a presentation to the president and the National Security Council by Director Charles Z. Wick on August 17.

That authorization directs USICA to coordinate and lead a vigorous information campaign outside the U.S. projecting an accurate image of the United States and its foreign policy. The authorization directs other government agencies to cooperate with USICA and specifically to declassify and make available to USICA material pertinent to the campaign.

An important part of the campaign will be the refutation of misleading Soviet propaganda and disinformation. The campaign also will underline the Soviet threat to the stability and security of various areas in the world, as well as such unacceptable Soviet actions as the occupation of Afghanistan, the use of chemical warfare weapons, and so on.

However, Project Truth is a many-faceted campaign, projecting a picture of U.S. goals, ideals, and achievements on a broad canvas. It is just as important for Project Truth to underline the common values--moral, spiritual, cultural--that bind us to our allies. We must stress that the United States is a nation deeply committed to peace, genuinely interested in negotiations to control armament, but that it pursues these desires from a position of strength.

The director will chair the interagency committee authorized by the president to direct the campaign.

Associate Director John Hughes will chair an executive committee to implement the campaign.

Project Truth will use all the resources currently available to USICA--VOA, the wireless file, magazines, films, TV speakers, foreign press centers, international visitors, cultural exchanges, and so on.

New products we plan to use immediately are:

1. A monthly Soviet propaganda alert, based on information transmitted by our PAOs, coupled with analysis from our research department.

2. Fast response, as need dictates, by cable, to all posts to rebut specific instances of Soviet disinformation and misinformation.

3. A news-feature service ("Dateline America") consisting of a series of short items, plus longer articles, highlighting American strengths and the positive aspects of the capitalist system, and where appropriate drawing attention, particularly in the economic sphere, to the weaknesses of Marxist societies.

The first of the above trio is ready to go. We are experimenting with items two and three to ensure the mix and character is right before we launch.

As Project Truth develops, we expect to add further resource materials. Both existing and new products will be modified, added to, subtracted from, as needs change, as experience dictates, and as developing technology offers new opportunities.