By the largest vote so far, the United Nations demanded for the third time that Soviet troops be withdrawn from Afghanistan. By a vote of 116 in favor, 23 against, and 12 abstentions, the U.N. General Assembly also reaffirmed the right of Afghans "to determine their own form of government and to choose their own economic, political and social system free from outside intervention."

The resolution asking for "immediate withdrawal of the foreign troops from Afghanistan," did not mention the Soviet Union by name, but speaker after speaker mentioned the Soviet presence. The total was five "yes" counts larger that of last Nov. 20.

In a related matter, the United States said Afghanistan may have allowed the Soviet Union to annex a strip of Afghan territory that borders China. "A de facto annexation has already taken place since the area -- from which the indigenous Kirghiz tribes have been forced to flee -- is now under the control of the Soviet Army," Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick told the assembly.

Meanwhile, in Islamabad, Pakistan lodged the second protest in two days against alleged violation of its air space by Afghan helicopter gunships. A statement said the craft attacked refugee camps, killing one and injuring 12.