A restaurant owner was shot and fatally wounded yesterday when two men robbed his establishment in Landover.

The robbers fled after the incident at the Hampton Mall on Central Avenue, but a suspect was captured by police minutes later after a vehicle believed to be the getaway car caused a four-car accident that tied up the Capital Beltway for three hours, Prince George's police said.

Frederick Musser, 35, of Bowie, owner of the Marquis Restaurant at 9135 Central Ave., was last seen opening the door of the restaurant shortly after 9 a.m. Neighbors in the mall say he usually came in at that time before the restaurant opened to take receipts to a nearby bank. According to a witness, Musser followed his assailants into the mall lobby where he collapsed.

Musser was "bleeding and moaning," said Diana Glascock, a receptionist at an optometrist's office directly across the lobby from the restaurant.

Police said the robbers got in a car and headed south on the inner loop of the Capital Beltway at high speed. Slick road conditions caused the car to spin from the left lane, through the median and into the northbound lane where it came to rest after striking a northbound car, Maryland State Police said.

The car was then hit from behind by a second car and that car was hit by a third. An Alexandria couple, Paul and JoAnne Magnini, occupants of one of the cars, were treated for injuries.

Two suspects fled on foot; the suspect taken into custody, Donald Anthony Brown, 22, of 6136 Central Ave., was captured by county police after a search involving 15 state troopers and a helicopter. He was charged with felony murder and treated for a face injury that police said he suffered in the auto accident. A second suspect was being sought.