A Brink's guard who was the target of a 15-month worldwide search after he allegedly drove off with an armored car and $1.85 million in cash had only $100 in his pocket when arrested, the FBI said yesterday.

FBI special agent William D. Newmann said George Manuel Bosque, 26, seemed "relieved" when he was arrested about 6:15 p.m. Sunday in a parking lot as he stepped from a pay telephone booth, thought to be a "contact" spot, outside a Safeway store.

Newmann told a news conference there was a possibility that harboring violation charges would be filed against other unnamed people for aiding Bosque while a fugitive. "As far as we know he did it totally alone," Newmann said of the robbery.

Newmann said Bosque had been living in various cities around the United States and possibly in South America and the Caribbean, but, "We had indications that he was in San Francisco for a few weeks . . . and has been living in a local motel for a few days."

Bosque became the target of a worldwide search that focused on Central and South America when he was charged in a federal grand jury indictment in September, 1980, with larceny of bank funds and theft from an interstate shipment. Bail was set at $3 million.

A part-time employe of Brink's, Bosque was part of a five-member security team guarding the truck Aug. 15, 1980, when it was sent to San Francisco International Airport to pick up a shipment of cash for the Federal Reserve Bank.

Bosque allegedly seized the truck and drove it to a nearby hotel, where authorities said he took over the car of a hotel maid at gunpoint and escaped with two bags of money.