REMEMBER THE wonderful surge of community pride when the Cardozo High School Marching Band captured the hearts of everybody from here to the Rose Bowl last New Year's? Well today we can all recapture a little of the spirit for another proud D.C. school, whose graduates make up more than half of the Cardozo band--and whose current students today are the first junior high band ever to perform in the 62-year-old Gimbels Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia. Strike up, please, the "very excited and honored" Shaw Junior High School Marching Band!

More than 200 musicians, majorettes and flag wavers will be on the high-steppin' move this morning (check Channel 9), bedecked in sparkling new uniforms bought through a fund-raising effort that still has a short way to go for a completely happy ending. At last count, the drive was $4,000 short of the $48,000 necessary to cover costs and replace tattered uniforms that had been handed down for too many seasons.

Need we say more? Or can band director Lloyd Hoover and his hard-working youngsters consider the balance about to be paid in full to creditors? For these kids, the thrill is no less than it was for their "senior citizens" in the Cardozo band--and the response of their home town--as viewers and supporters--can make their day all the more joyous.