Three "very dangerous" inmates scrambled over a wall of a New Jersey prison yesterday, while the second convicted murderer to escape in 12 hours fled an Indiana prison.

Two of the three who escaped from the Trenton State Prison, apparently by sawing through the bars of the infirmary and stringing bedsheets together, were captured within a few hours.

A spokesman at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City said two inmates, both on trusty status and serving life sentences for murder, escaped from a minimum security facility outside the walls.

Officials said Raul Sotelo, 27, was reported missing about 4 p.m. Thursday and Henry Huntsman, 40, was discovered missing about 3 a.m. yesterday.

In the New Jersey breakout, Marvin Ellison, 31, who was identified as the ringleader of a bloody uprising and escape attempt last year at the Essex County Jail, and Carson Edwards, no age given, were recaptured within five hours of the escape in nearby Lawrence Township.

Still at large was Robert Davis, 26, who had previously escaped from the Trenton facility July 3.

Three Trenton corrections officers, two tower guards and one responsible for infirmary security, were suspended without pay and face possible departmental charges that could lead to dismissal.