The Pentagon operates 10 advanced colleges for its military officers. The more advanced the school, the more selective it is. Intermediate Service Schools

These schools, called command and staff colleges, are normally attended in an officer's sixth to eighth year of active duty or in his early years as a major or a lieutenant commander. They are designed, according to a Pentagon document, "to prepare officers for command and staff duties in all echelons of their parent services and in joint or allied commands." The colleges:

* Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. (40 weeks).

* College of Naval Command and Staff, Newport, R.I. (44 weeks).

* Marine Corps Command and Staff College, Quantico (43 weeks).

* Air Command and Staff College, Montgomery, Ala. (43 weeks).

* Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk (22 weeks). Thiscollege is part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's National Defense University. Normally an officer attending AFSC would not attend the course of his own service Senior Service Colleges

Attendance at these 10-month colleges is limited to the most promising officers in the lieutenant colonel/colonel and commander/captain grades who are preparing for senior command or staff positions or a staff position with a multinational organization such as NATO.

* National War College, part of the National Defense University, Fort McNair.

* Industrial College of the Armed Forces, part of the National Defense University, Fort McNair.

* Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pa.

* Naval War College, Newport.

Air War College, Montgomery.