Excerpts of the interview with Col. Muammar Qaddafi yesterday :

Q. The U.S. government says it has evidence that you've sent assassination squads . . . for the purpose of killing President Reagan and other top American officials. Would you comment?

A. We have no patience to hear this again. If they have evidence, we are ready to see this evidence, to see who these people are who are acting behind us and behind the Libyan people to commit this crime.

We refuse to assassinate any person. On the other side, we are ready to fight against American military received on our borders, because America is taking us, taking our Arab country, Arab land . . . . it is not our character, not our behavior, to assassinate any person.

It is the behavior of America, preparing to assassinate me, to poison my food. They tried many things to do this.

Q. Are you saying . . . that the Americans actually tried to kill you?

A. Yes, I am sure. The world is sure also. It is true . . . .

Q. If the reports about the Libyan plot against the president are not true, why do you think the United States is making these accusations against you?

A. . . . because we are refusing to bow our head in front of America and we refused to be under the domination of America and we refused to be slaves of America . . . . America wants to dominate all the world and divide the world into enemies or slaves to America, and we refuse to be slaves.

I think the Zionist propaganda is behind the many accusations and allegations against us in America.

Q. Do you still want good, normal relations with the United States?

A. Yes, we still want good relations with the United States, like any other countries in the world. But America refuses to normalize the relations between us.

Q. Are you ready to normalize diplomatic relations?

A. Yes . . . .

Q. Have you hired former American CIA agents and Green Berets to train your troops and to bring in weapons?

A. . . . we didn't hire them, but they . . . escaped from America . . . came here asking freedom, asking peaceful life because, they said, we are living in a hell of CIA, in the fire of America . . . .

Q. Did they ever provide you with American weapons?

A. Not at all, because we have . . . our friends to buy weapons and . . . we don't depend on these sources for buying weapons.

Q. . . . there are reports that the worldwide terrorist called Carlos lives here in Libya, you're giving him protection.

A. . . . it is silly question, anyhow. We don't know this person, and he is not here, absolutely . . . . America the superpower is afraid of Qaddafi, Carlos.

Always Reagan and his administration, saying to their people through their TV and every broadcasting stations: Qaddafi, Qaddafi, Qaddafi, Carlos, Carlos, Libya, Libya.

How you are silly people . . . . Libya is only 2 million, and you are 200 million. You are a superpower. How you are afraid?

. . . it is silly, this administration and this president. America must get rid of this administration and fell it down, as they did with Nixon, and elect another respectful president to get respect for America.

Q. . . . those reports of a Libyan plot, the president of the United States himself seemed to take them seriously. Why?

A. . . . because he's silly, he's ignorant. Who gave him this information? Sudanese President Jaafar Nimeiri? He is liar . . . . How you believe him?

We ready to make large investigations in all these reports and to see who is liar. And you will see, Reagan is liar.

Q. . . . the antagonism between your country and the United States actually did result in violence . . . two of your planes were shot down by planes of the American 6th Fleet . . . . Did you plan anything, any revenge against the U.S.?

A. It is not a matter of revenge, it is a matter of defense for our country, for our dignity . . . .

Q. . . . How do you make relations between your country and the U.S. better?

A. I don't think you can change this until the American people itself changes Reagan itself and this bad administration . . . . I am saying to the . . . American people to fell down Reagan as they did with Nixon, and to get rid of his administration, to establish good relations . . . .

Reagan is silly, and he is not qualified to lead America as a superpower. He is behaving like a child.

Q. . . . You're not saying that he should be killed.

A. No. I don't speak for killing. It is not my matter. I speak politically.

Q. . . . there are hundreds of Libyan students in the United States studying. Are you going to bring them home?

A. Their existence there is evidence of our good willing towards America. Unfortunately, the CIA . . . succeeded to get about 30 Libyan students in America to be agents . . . . They themselves write some reports about these false matters, like assassination . . . . we want investigation to . . . let the American people and the Libyan people and the Congress of America know . . . who is liar, Reagan or Libya.

. . . I am challenging . . . them to make this investigation.

Q. If you could talk to President Reagan, what would you tell him right now?

A. I would have to tell him . . . are you mad? Why are you acting terrorist against us? . . . . We are a small people who wants to be free . . . . But they are against us.

Q. You once said you were ready to go to war against the United States. Do you still feel that way?

A. We are ready to face America, and we will not avoid a war with America in the Mediterranean Sea and in our territories.