An airplane taking sky divers to a football game jump sputtered and spun into Pearl Harbor near the USS Arizona Memorial, officials said. Eleven of the 12 people believed aboard were killed.

One man was pulled from the harbor by three men who saw the plane go down.

Aboard the twin-engine Beechcraft were members of Jump Hawaii, a sports parachutist club. Club vice president Stephen Fischel identified two of them as club president Byron Black and his son, Danny Black, who was piloting the aircraft.

Six bodies were recovered Saturday night by Navy and Coast Guard rescue crews, and five more bodies were discovered yesterday.

The parachutists were scheduled to jump into nearby Aloha Stadium Saturday night before the start of a football game between the University of Hawaii and the University of South Carolina.

Survivor Mike Salmons, 34, picked up about 25 yards from the wreckage, said the plane was on its final run to the stadium when it went out of control. "I decided I didn't want to stay in there . . . . I jumped and three others also jumped." As he jumped, Salmons' leg was hit by the plane's tail, causing a compound fracture.

The jumpers who followed him did not have enough altitude left to deploy their chutes, Salmon said.