The Red Brigades terrorists holding American Brig. Gen. James Lee Dozier in a "people's prison," today described U.S. military personnel here as an "occupation army" and called for an all-out war against NATO and "the American military machine."

A six-page mimeographed document, bearing the Red Brigades terrorist organization's five-pointed star, was found in a garbage pail in downtown Rome after a call to a Rome newspaper.

The statement, entitled "Communique No. 1," offered no terms for Dozier's release.

Shortly before the communique was found, Dozier's wife made a tearful plea on television to his captors.

"To those of you who have taken my husband and the father of our children, I appeal to you for humane treatment," Mrs. Dozier said. "Jim is very important to us; he is everything to us. I hope you will return him safe and well."

Dozier, 50, is deputy chief of staff for logistics and administration at the Verona NATO base and thus the senior American officer at NATO's Southern Europe Command.

Meanwhile, a liaison team of six U.S. Defense Department experts arrived here to join Italian investigators. A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy said he could not elaborate on the Americans' role.

The rambling, ideological message, signed "for communism the Red Brigades," called Dozier a "Yankee pig of the American occupation army."

It called for the formation of an anti-imperialist combat front, praising the West German terrorists of the Red Army Faction who in the past have attacked NATO and American military targets. The communique also appealed for closer ties to "other European revolutionary forces."

The statement said that Dozier had been "captured and imprisoned in a people's prison" by "an armed unit" on Thursday. It discussed the "crisis of imperialism" and the likelihood of war, and said that only an "anti-imperialist civil war can wipe out war. War against imperialist war is an essential passage for the transition to communism," the message added.

The document concluded with five one-sentence slogans, including, "War against imperialism. War against NATO" and "Attack the centers, the strategists and the bases of the American military machine."

Dozier's abduction was the Red Brigades' first move against an American. Today's statement was far more international in scope than those issued during the Brigades' previous kidnapings.

Italian police continued their investigation without appreciable results being made public.

At a press conference in Verona, Police Chief Pasquale Zappone, reconstructing the kidnaping, said eight terrorists, including a woman, participated.

He said five arrived in a blue rented Fiat van that was later abandoned. Two men, dressed as plumbers, gained admittance to the general's apartment by saying there was a leak coming through to the apartment below. Shortly afterward, two other terrorists, carrying a trunk, joined them.

After overpowering the general and his wife, the terrorists used a radio transmitter to contact the van. They loaded the trunk with the general inside into the van and drove a few blocks, where they abandoned the van and presumably changed to another vehicle. The other terrorists were in radio contact with the abductors.