And If You Believe That, I Can Sell You a Nice Bridge That's Only Been Crossed By a Little Old Lady in Pasadena: The time: next Sunday through Tuesday, Jan. 3-5. The place: the Wye Plantation on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The cast: 120 supporters of former vice president Walter F. Mondale. The purpose: briefings on issues, scheduling and targeting for Mondale's role in the 1982 mid-term Democratic campaign, according to Mondale aide Jim Johnson.

The real purpose? Do you really need that many people to plan the mid-term campaign, or is this the first get-together of the 1984 Mondale campaign organization? Johnson is asked. Hones Injun, he says, this is really about 1982.

Further stirrings on the Mondale front: Robert G. Torricelli, who has served as Mondale's aide de camp and travel companion this past year, is leaving that post to seek a Democratic House nomination in New Jersey. His place will be taken by Larry Hansen, formerly administrative assistant to former senator Adlai E. Stevenson III of Illinois. Hansen and Torricelli were partners in the management of the Carter-Mondale victory over Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in the 1980 Illinois presidential primary.