The Red Brigades terrorist kidnapers contacted an American newspaper office here yesterday, leading a correspondent to a communique on the abduction of U.S. Army Brig. Gen. James L. Dozier.

A male speaking Italian telephoned the New York Times office and said the communique could be found in the bathroom of a coffee bar 100 yards from the Trevi Fountain.

There, Times correspondent Henry Tanner found a photocopy of a communique the gang issued Sunday and a copy of the group's 188-page "strategic resolution" outlining its aims, also released previously.

The communique also contained a photocopied picture of the NATO Southern Command officer, almost identical to photographs delivered previously.

Police said earlier that analysis showed the Red Brigades photographs of Dozier to be genuine, not montages as suspected. The analysis also showed the black mark under Dozier's left eye was not caused recently, but probably during the abduction in Verona Dec. 17.

Meanwhile, police were interrogating suspected Red Brigades members arrested near Padua, and the Italian weekly L'Europeo reported that Interior Minister Virginio Rognoni sent a confidential memo to top Italian police officials Dec. 5 warning of a planned Red Brigades offensive against NATO officials in Italy.