The White House adviser on Jewish affairs has resigned, effective the end of this month. Jacob Stein, who was a senior adviser in the office of public liaison director Elizabeth Hanford Dole, gave personal reasons for the decision, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family.

And he steadfastly denies that there was any more to it than that. About suggestions that he quit over policy disputes with an administration that has made some decisions unpopular with national Jewish organizations, he says: "There were no issue or personality problems at all." Or disappointed over his lack of access to top policy makers: "I was keyed into everything. I had access to all the senior staff." Or upset at being placed in Dole's office, rather than directly under presidential counselor Edwin Meese III or domestic adviser Martin Anderson: "They had to budget me somewhere."

Not that the job was without its frustrations. The White House, Stein conceded, "didn't take my advice as frequently as I would have liked."

Stein will take a six-week assignment as senior advisor to the United Nation's human rights delegation in Geneva, and then return to his Long Island real estate business.