EVERYONE WILL RECALL that six months ago there was a lot of complaint about the grossly and unnecessarily hot weather here in Washington. We said at the time that we'd see what we could do about it. We now want to report to you that our weather program has been successful beyond anyone's wildest expectations.

No cases of heat prostration have been reported for many days. The need for air conditioning has been all but eliminated. No more muggy afternoons. Instead of the previously unhealthy smog and torpor, we have recently been enjoying crackling blue skies and an invigorating breeze. But, as usual, we haven't been able to please everybody. There is an audible murmur of dissatisfaction that the weather program has been a bit too successful, and may have overshot the mark.

It is true that certain foreign practices, though not necessarily Japanese, have recently affected the program's performance. To the extent that there has been any deviation from policy, the Canadians are to blame. In violation of the anti-dumping statutes, they are now dumping their weather in this country.

Still, responsive as always to the public will, we are prepared to fine-tune the thermometer and ease the temperature upward a little, make what you might call a "mid-course correction." We have to warn you that this system isn't easy to operate. The controls are in bad shape. As you know, we inherited it from people who mishandled it terribly. We can't remedy overnight the deterioration resulting from many years of neglect. But we're going to do our best.

We confidently expect a full recovery, with flowers in bloom, by early summer. But you have to keep in mind that weather isn't a precise science, and the program may err a little on the high side. If that should unfortunately happen, temporarily, we don't want to hear a lot of whining and bleating, six months from now, about the grossly and unnecessarily hot weather here in Washington.