Spokesmen for three area hospitals reported late last night that the following persons were being treated for injuries from yesterday's crash of an Air Florida jet shortly after takeoff from National Airport:

Pat Felch, 27, a passenger, was reported in serious but stable condition at the Washington Hospital Center, according to Dr. Howard R. Champion, chief of the trauma section. Felch suffered broken arms and legs, chest and head injuries and hypothermia, Champion said.

The following persons were reported admitted to the National Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Hospital in Arlington:

Burt Hamilton, 40, Gaithersburg, an airline passenger, was reported in serious condition with chest trauma and hypothermia.

Kelly Duncan, a flight attendant, was reported in serious but stable condition suffering from severe hypothermia.

Joseph Stiley, Alexandria, an airline passenger, was reported in fair but stable condition with two fractured legs.

Jeanette Bigelow, Seat Pleasant, a motorist, was reported in serious condition with face and skull cuts.

Priscilla Tirado, an airline passenger, was reported in critical condition, suffering from shock.

Two unidentified men, who were motorists, were listed in critical condition at George Washington University Hospital.

Air Florida released the following list of crewmembers on the flight:

Capt. Larry Wheaton, 35, who had been with the company for 1 1/2 years; First Officer Roger Pettit, 31, a former Air Force F15 pilot, who had been with the company for just a little more than a year; senior flight attendant Donna Adams and flight attendents Kelly Duncan and Marilyn Nichols. All lived in the Miami area.

In addition, First Officer Mike Lauderdale was riding in the cockpit, but not as a member of the crew, according to Air Florida.

The following are the names of other persons who were listed as passengers by Air Florida. Hometowns were not immediately available:

Anderson, Gordon; Blake, Joan; Bower, David; Burka, Mrs. Jane; Burke, Ms. K.; Calvin, Gordon; Carluccio, J.; Champagne, Mr. E.; Cobb, Edward; Davis, Mrs. S.; Dixon, James; Delmonte, Cat.

Ellis, Rex; Erickson, James; Essary, B.; Fako, J.; Fisher, Tom; Foer, Judith; Fusco, Susan; Garland, Mike; Gilmore, Donald; Graham, George; Hanson, Beth; Haven, Herman; Herman, Ralph; Hiller, Herbert.

Hobbs, J.; Horton, Mr. E.; Ivener, Arnold; Kauffman, E.; Klassky, Mr. T.; Krzanowski, Master David; Krzanowski, Mrs. Karen; Krzanowski, Mr. Edward; Kudani, R.; Lauderdale, Mike; Levinson, B.

Liddle, Dr. William T.; McIlwaine, C.; McNeely, Mrs. Lee; Miller, Richard; Murek, Mr. Leon; Murek, Mrs. Leon; Nattar, George; Pibbs, Mr. S.; Pibbs, Mrs. T.; Piontek, Mary; Piontek, Barbara

Pipes, Francis; Player, Ms. M.; Shubinski, Dr. R.; Silberblied, R.; Skiles, William B.; Smolen, T.; Soune, Mr. E.; Stemper, Mrs. D.; Sutton, Walter; Testerman, Mr. H.; Tirado, Mr. J.

Trexler, R.; Ventura, John; Viehman, Mr. Jack; Weingarten, Mrs. C.; Williams, Mr.; Wood, Sharon; Woodard, Mr. S.; Zondler, William.

Three unticketed and unidentified infants