Nearly 9,000 people converged on the main post office on the first day to apply for 60 letter-sorting jobs.

The rush for the $20,000-a-year jobs left the Postal Service short of applications.

The unemployment rate in the Kansas City area was 7.1 percent in December, according to state figures released late last month. 2nd Ginna Release --------

Operators at the Ginna nuclear plant turned off a set of emergency water pumps "somewhat too late," causing a second release of radioactivity into the atmosphere during last month's accident, a staff report of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said.

A safety valve opened and released the radioactive steam as "a direct result" of shutting down the pumps "about 30 minutes too late," said the draft report, prepared by Themis P. Speis, assistant director for reactor safety of the NRC's division of systems integration.

The Jan. 25 accident at the plant near Rochester, N.Y., occurred when a steam tube ruptured for an unknown reason and a small amount of radioative steam was released.

The NRC is investigating the incident, although the NRC and its staff generally have praised the reactions of the plant's operator, Rochester Gas and Electric Co.

Meanwhile, officials said deteriorated packing around a shaft in the generator cooling system caused last week's explosion at the Palisades nuclear plant on Lake Michigan near South Haven, Mich. One worker was injured in Thursday's explosion, which occurred in a non-nuclear area of the plant.