Following are excerpts of Metro radio communications just before and after the fatal crash on Jan. 13. The excerpts are from a transcript supplied by Metro. The speakers are supervisor James S. Davis, train operator Michael J. Greene and train controllers at Metro Central.

In the first excerpt, Davis has been called in because of problems with a track crossover switch between the Smithsonian and Federal Triangle stations.

He is ordered to properly align and hold the four junctions of the switch in position with a block of wood, a standard practice.

4:20:05 Central control: Okay. Stand clear. We are going to try to normal properly align it from here.

4:20:08 Davis: Roger.

4:20:25 Central: How does it look now, Dave?

4:20:27 Davis: 3B one of the switch junctions is normal at this time.

4:20:29 Central: All right. Block track number two first at both switch points junctions . Ah, 1 and 3 on track number two side.

4:20:36 Davis: Roger.

4:20:37 Central: Roger. Make sure they are laying normal, please.

4:20:54 Central: Supervisor Davis, make sure the switch points are tucked under properly aligned on switch one.

A little more than a minute later Davis calls Central.

4:22:07 Davis: 405 Central, switches are blocked, tucked under and blocked at this time.

4:22:14 Central: Unit 31.

4:22:17 Central: 31, what was your message?

4:22:18 Davis: I said switches one and three are tucked under and blocked at this time.

4:22:21 Central: OK, is that both sides, supervisor Davis?

4:22:25 Davis: That is on track 2, 1 and 3 switch.

4:22:28 Central: All right, go to the other side and block it. We are going to let the train on track two go, copy?

4:22:33 Davis: Roger.

Two and a half minutes later, with half the job completed and one track ready for operation, Central calls Davis and asks for a status report on the other track.

4:24:50 Central: Supervisor Davis, is track one blocked now?

4:24:53 Davis: Roger. All switches are blocked and tucked under at this time.

4:24:57 Central: All right. Stay there and wave the trains through, would you please?

4:25:03 Davis: Roger, my pleasure.

Three minutes later, Davis tells Greene to move his train across the switch through a red signal:

4:28:06 Davis: Proceed.

4:28:07 Greene: Roger, 410 his train number proceeding through red.

4:28:30 Davis: Hey, Greene, hold up.

4:28:33 Greene: Greene holding.

4:28:34 Davis: Hold up.

4:28:37 Davis: Greene, hold up!

4:28:40 Greene: Roger.

4:28:43 Davis: Central.

4:28:45 Central: Yes, sir.

4:28:49 Davis: This, ah, this switch doesn't look right. I am going to pull this train back and try it again.

4:28:53 Central: All right. On what side, Dave?

4:28:58 Davis: Track number one.

Four minutes later Davis has taken control of the train. He reports he is on one end of it, with Greene at the other, and announces he is "going to try to pull it back into the station and clear that sig-switch." And then, two minutes after that, he calls Metro Central.

4:34:33 Davis: This is Unit 31. We have got a derailment.

4:34:38 Central: Roger 31. What's your track? On track one?

4:34:40 Davis: We have got both tracks blocked.

4:34:53 Central: Roger. That is on track one, roger.

4:34:57 Davis: We got both tracks blocked.

4:35:00 Central: Roger, I copy. Both sides blocked, but the derailment on track one.

4:35:06 Davis: We crossed over and we got both tracks blocked.

4:35:16 Davis: You may have to send an ambulance (garbled).

4:35:20 Central: Ambulance? You have injured passengers? Is that it?

4:35:25 Davis: Repeat.

4:35:28 Central: There are passengers injured?

4:35:29 Davis: Roger.

4:35:30 Central: Okay. And you are on track one and you are at the Federal Triangle station ?

4:35:33 Davis: Roger.

4:35:34 Davis: That is a roger.

4:35:37 Davis: The train crossed over and derailed.

4:35:40 Central: All right.

4:35:45 Davis: I am going to have to try to unload the train. I got--I got passengers hurt.