The Palestine Information Office said yesterday that the Rev. Timothy Healy, president of Georgetown University, had violated the rights of Palestinian students by canceling a dinner the students had planned for Sunday to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group allied with the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Hatem Hassaini, spokesman for the information office, said the Council of Arab Ambassadors would meet next week to discuss whether Arab governments should continue to make financial contributions to Georgetown in light of Healy's action. He said the cancellation marked the second time Healy had tried to block a Palestinian event on campus, and that the students might seek a court injunction to override the cancellation.

Charles Meng, an assistant of Healy's, said that Healy would stand by his decision. Healy said the university should not permit its facilities to be used for an event held by a group that has ties to an organization that "supports international terrorism."

But Hassaini said that "the issue here is not the PLO or terrorism but the rights of students, Palestinian and American, to hold functions on campus." He said the PLO is opposed to terrorist acts.

Hassaini accused Healy of reacting to pressure from the White House and the Israeli Embassy. But Meng said that Healy had "absolutely not" discussed his decision with anyone from either the White House or the embassy.