Uganda's Roman Catholic Church yesterday demanded an apology from the government for "the insults and harm done to the Catholic Church" by soldiers who forced nearly 2,000 worshipers to flee from Ash Wednesday services last week.

Cardinal Emanuel Nsubuga, the archbishop of Kampala, said the invasion of the Roman Catholic Cathedral on Rubaga Hill was "an extremely serious matter of which I am under obligation to inform the holy father," Pope John Paul II.

In a lengthy statement read to reporters at a news conference in Kampala, Nsubuga threatened to boycott all civic functions in Uganda if the government doesn't apologize for "the godless and sacrilegious act of some members of the Ugandan Army." The statement was made available in Nairobi.

The Ugandan government claims the Rubaga Cathedral was a launching pad for the eight-hour rocket and mortar attack on military barracks in Kampala last Monday. Nsubuga categorically dened that anyone in the Catholic Church was involved.

The government, meanwhile, expelled the last two Western correspondents based in Kampala without giving any reason, the journalists said. Trent O'Keefe of Sydney, Australia, and Jack Ritchie, 24, of Chicago, said they received letters from an immigration official canceling their entry permits and asking them to leave immediately.