A judge who is otherwise "honest and moral" should be censured because of slurs he has made in chamber conferences against blacks, Jews, Iranians, Chinese, Arabs and women, the state judicial commission said.

Superior Court Judge Charles Stevens brought "the judicial office into disrepute" by referring to Hispanic women as "Taco Belles," saying women "were too emotional to be in court" and by starting a session of open court with the remark, "Bring in the criminals," the commission said.

The California Commission on Judicial Performance voted 8 to 1 to recommend to the state supreme court that Stevens be censured. He has been a judge in Santa Barbara since his appointment in 1971 by President Reagan, who was California governor at the time.

In Providence, R.I., meanwhile, a family court judge has refused to retract a comment he made that some incest victims might "really enjoy it."

The National Organization for Women held a march Thursday outside Judge Robert Crouchley's court, demanding that he disavow the comment. Crouchley replied that children often lie and wrongly accuse their parents of incest.

Crouchley was quoted last month in a Providence Journal-Bulletin article about incest as saying: "How many of these girls really enjoy it? You know, I have these cases all the time, and I never hear the girls complain until they get hurt. . ."