A district court judge, saying he had no choice under the law, followed a jury's recommendation and sentenced a man convicted of indecent exposure to 99 years in jail.

Jackson Monroe Martin, 44, was arrested Sept. 23 in Durant after a woman said he had exposed himself on her front lawn and she had seen him through her window.

A jury found Martin guilty and recommended a 99-year sentence because "they just wanted to get him off the streets," Bryan County Associate District Judge John J. Phillips said at the time.

But Phillips imposed the sentence on Monday, saying that under Oklahoma law, "if the jury sentence is to be modified, it will have to be done by the state Court of Criminal Appeals and not the trial court."

Martin has 11 prior felony convictions. Assistant District Attorney Larry Grant sought the 99-year term under a state law that allows such a sentence after two prior felony convictions.

The sentencing followed a lengthy plea by Martin for a lighter jail term.

"I don't think it is right for me to get that much time for that kind of a crime," Martin said. "Maybe a fine and 30 days or even a year in the county jail, but not 99 years.

"Why, even a murderer in this same court got half of that time for killing a man in cold blood. Why make an example out of me?"