Rebel leader Wilfred Hawker, who staged an unsuccessful coup attempt in Surinam last week, was executed by a firing squad yesterday here in the capital, the military announced.

Hawker was captured Friday and was badly wounded when government forces stormed an Army camp held by rebel soldiers.

Another rebel leader, former Lt. Surin Rambocus, remained at large in the countryside. His forces were reduced to a handful of supporters fleeing toward the Guyanese border, the government radio said.

The rebellion began Thursday morning when troops aligned with Rambocus freed Hawker from a jail where he had been serving time for a previous coup attempt. They seized the main military barracks and cleared Paramaribo's streets in an attempt to overthrow Lt. Col. Desi Bouterse's military-led regime.

It was not clear how many of the country's estimated 500 to 1,000 soldiers had joined the rebels before Bouterse rallied loyal troops and put down the uprising.

Bouterse told a news conference that the only casualties in the fighting were one rebel corporal killed and several people injured, including one civilian.

A diplomatic source in Paramaribo characterized Rambocus and Hawker as rightists who were intent on reversing the leftward drift of Bouterse's regime.