Israeli troops shot and killed a 17-year-old Palestinian and wounded two other youths in the occupied West Bank as a two-day-old protest strike erupted into violence. The Israeli military command declined to give any immediate details.

But the state-run Israeli radio said the shootings took place during a rock-throwing protest in the town of El Bireh, where the elected Arab mayor and councilmen were dismissed by Israeli authorities Thursday and replaced by a council of Israeli military officials. Israeli radio said Ibrahim Ali Darwish was buried shortly after the incident and that troops "nipped in the bud" another demonstration during the hasty funeral.

According to the radio account, troops "were forced to fire" at rock-throwing Palestinian demonstrators in El Bireh's main square after a soldier was hit in the head. Two other youths were wounded.

In Cairo, Egyptian Foreign Minister Kamel Hassan Ali told reporters Egypt "is watching with concern the current developments in the West Bank." Foreign Ministry officials said, meanwhile, Egypt had asked for a postponement of a round of the stalled Palestinian autonomy negotiations scheduled to begin today because of Israel's insistence that the talks take place in Jerusalem.