A car speeding out of Central Park ran over a stroller carrying an 18-month-old baby, wrenching it from her mother's hands and carrying the stroller and baby for 13 blocks under the car.

When the stroller broke free, pedestrians and motorists who had given chase found little Jocelyn Filley sitting upright in her carriage in the middle of the street. She was hospitalized in critical but stable condition with head injuries today.

"It's certainly a miracle that the child's alive," said her father, Patrick O. Filley. The child's ordeal began just before noon Saturday as she was being pushed across the street by her mother, Marion Filley. A man in a Pontiac jumped the traffic light, raced across Fifth Avenue and hit the stroller, ripping it from Mrs. Filley and pushing it beneath the car, officials said.

As the woman watched in horror, the car and the stroller with its captive passenger sped off. A loud screeching, apparently created by the carriage scraping against the car, attracted the attention of pedestrians and motorists, several of whom began chasing the Pontiac, waving and shouting.

One witness told police that the driver was making "S" turns, apparently trying to scrape the stroller loose. The witness said he told the driver, "You've got a kid under the car!" At last, the stroller squirted out from under the car, which roared off uptown.