Jordan called on the Security Council today to condemn Israel's "brutal acts of oppression" in the West Bank, and order the reinstatement of the town council of El Bireh, whose ouster last week has precipitated rioting in the occupied Arab territories.

Jordanian Ambassador Hazem Nuseibeh, speaking on behalf of the Arab group, also circulated a draft resolution containing these demands, affirming the "overriding necessity to end the prolonged occupation of Arab territories, including Jerusalem," and threatening the imposition of sanctions if Israel fails to comply.

Israeli Ambassador Yehuda Blum responded by blaming the loss of life "squarely and exclusively" on the Palestine Liberation Organization and Jordan, which, he said, had "engineered and masterminded" the violent outbreaks.

Blum said Israel "regrets the loss of any human life without regard to nationality, religion or creed."

The mayor of El Bireh, Ibrahim Tawil, was removed for following PLO orders to refrain from cooperating with the new civilian administration in the West Bank, set up to "create the framework for a Palestinian Arab autonomy," Blum said.

U.N. action on the West Bank unrest initially was sought by Syria, but appears to have been preempted, with the blessing of the PLO, by the Jordanians--who have been bitter rivals of the Syrians.