General Services Administration head Gerald P. Carmen has appointed GSA's first-ever chief of staff--Carroll F. Jones, who had been in house as a special counsel to Carmen since Feb. 1. Jones, a lawyer and founder of a New Hampshire firm, was chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee in 1980.

Carmen also recently named a Republican political strategist to a regional director's job--Vito Chiechi, political consultant, chief clerk of the Washington state House of Representatives and right-hand man to House Speaker Bill Polk, who will take over regional responsibility for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

In announcing appointments, the GSA chief has pointed out his practice of naming private businessmen "to help carry out President Reagan's promise to make the government operate more efficiently." But some GOP connections apparently don't hurt, either.

The regional director in San Francisco, Edwin W. Thomas Jr., for example, served in Reagan's California administration and as an assistant counselor in the Reagan White House. Deputy director of the New England region is Porter D. Leighton, executive director of the Reagan primary campaign in Maine and deputy chairman of the Reagan-Bush campaign in the state.